Route 42 Consultation

Poster asking "Milton Keynes, how do you feel about new walking and cycling routes? Answer the survery now"Milton Keynes City Council have asked Simpson and Ashland Parish Council to help engage with local residents about their feasibility study for a new cycling and walking scheme along Groveway, known as route 42. They have provided the following information:

The Government recognises the growing need for healthier streets in our towns and cities and has set a target for 50% of short urban trips to be walked or cycled by 2030, doubling the amount of cycling from 2013 to 2025 and increasing the proportion of primary age children who walk to school to 55% in 2025.

MKCC secured funding from the Government / Active Travel England to develop plans for attractive, safe, high-quality walking and cycling routes to encourage and enable more people to leave the car at home, especially for shorter journeys.

In truth, many short journeys in Milton Keynes could be walked or cycled. To meet the government targets and support the health and wellbeing of the people that live, work and visit Milton Keynes, as well as contributing to reducing harmful transport emissions and the sustainability of the city overall, we are developing plans that provide better routes for people to walk, wheel and cycle.

Our Local Cycling and Walking Implementation Plan identified 300 schemes in MK. The schemes have been prioritised and the top 25 have been taken forward for further development.

Over the past 18 months, consultants have been busy working on the development of options for these 25 new walking and cycling routes in areas all around MK. Various ideas and options have been explored and scored against the governments ‘cycling level of service tool’ CLOS and the top two options have been taken forward and presented as feasibility drawings and we would like you to help us shape the final designs.

There are two sets of plans for route 42. Option A and Option B. They can be viewed online here.

To give your views, please answer the survey here. Or email The survey will close on 15th October.

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